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Everything we know about My Chemical Romance’s tour (finally)

Everything we know about My Chemical Romance’s tour (finally)

The summoning circle has worked: My Chemical Romance will be touring again.

Following cult-ish teaser after cult-ish teaser and months of speculation from fans, My Chemical Romance has confirmed that they will officially be back on the road. The band released a 13-minute announcement video this morning, featuring a pentagram with their previous albums, a lot of vampires, a ouija board, and stalkers in gorilla masks. Ah, it feels like the good old days again.

The band first broke up in 2013, and only reunited for a few shows last March. In two of the dates, all 65,000 tickets sold out in an hour.

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Unfortunately for us in the Philippines, the current dates for September to October are only for U.S. cities. Looks like we’ll need a more elaborate summoning ritual to bring the band to Manila, but we’re still keeping our hopes up (and our eyeliners on).

My Chemical Romance really did carry on. MCRmy, you’ve been blessed.

Watch the announcement video below:

Still from My Chemical Romance’s “A summoning…”


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