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Samantha Lee’s new film answers how hard LDRs are during COVID-19

Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” hits differently during our plague year. COVID-19 made long-distance relationships (LDRs) harder to manage and turned non-LDRs into LDRs by default. With this pandemic, maintaining our sanity is a daily struggle and so are the relationships we foster. 

How do we protect the love we share with our S/O during a plague? Director Samantha Lee answers this hard-hitting q in her latest film “Until It’s Safe.”

Starring former SCOUT cover girl Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Los Angeles-based Latinx actor Ella Lentini, “Until It’s Safe” starts with Jasmine’s character planning to visit her girlfriend (Ella) in California. Everything was going smoothly, until the Philippines’ nationwide lockdown hits. They’ve been in a long-distance relationship before the pandemic but did the new normal change anything?

There’s no word on its release date yet. Still, we can’t help but admire how they managed to create this film mid-pandemic. It’s creative, timely and queer AF. For sure, tears will be shed once this film drops.   

Watch the trailer below:

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Still from “Until It’s Safe”


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