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CRWN hopes his Twice bias likes his “More & More” remix

After months of stanning, King Puentespina a.k.a CRWN finally dedicates a remix to his favorite K-pop group.


CRWN blessed us with this “K.K. House” masterpiece and toured us on his Animal Crossing island about a month ago. 

Now, he’s back with another remix. And this time, it’s Twice’s latest bop “More & More,” which he teased about a few weeks ago after tweeting a clip of the girl group’s dance practice video with an excerpt of his remix in the background.


CRWN, a low-key Once on Twitter, gave in to LSS and “put a little bit of funk” to the sugary pop song, adding soulful grit and making that pre-chorus beat drop sound even better. 

What’s more? Producer (and fellow Once) JP Del Mundo of independent label 60NICE lent his musical direction, too. Catch me vibing to this remix more and more.

And in true stan fashion, he shouts out to his Twice bias. 


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