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Oh wow, ‘Into the Spiderverse’ made #DonaldForSpiderman happen after all

OG Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino fans know the ancient hashtag #DonaldForSpiderman. It’s a hashtag straight out of Twitter circa 2010. In Donald’s comedy special “Weirdo,” he even alluded to this Twitter campaign for kicks (’cause who didn’t want to see it happen?).

Sadly, it never really came to fruition and it’s too late now. The 36-year-old Renaissance man is, unfortunately, a little too old to take up the role. But Twitter just discovered something amazing—#DonaldForSpiderman happened in “Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse” all along.


The well-received animated film is already two-years-old. Still, fans are uncovering new Easter eggs from time to time. A huge Easter egg a lot of fans missed is “Into the Spiderverse’s” shoutout to the #DonaldForSpiderman campaign. 

A tweet from @nadirbarnes made this Easter egg viral on July 9. In the scene where Miles Morales is training in his uncle Aaron’s apartment, a pixelated image of Donald wearing Spider-Man PJs can be seen on Uncle Aaron’s TV. It’s a sure blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter egg that still warmed the hearts of every Donald Glover fan out there. 

This Easter egg was actually hinted by “Into the Spiderverse” creators back in 2018. Although, the film’s creative team said it may or may not make the final cut. “We just thought it was a neat little nod,” said producer Phil Lord. 

Time to catch that cameo, Donald and Spidey-stans! Drop by Netflix and get that time mark right to see it for yourself. 

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