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Our two new video series are about checking up on our fave creatives (and you)

Our two new video series are about checking up on our fave creatives (and you)

There’s a different kind of exhaustion these days. Even if the pandemic rampaged everything in its path, we aren’t really getting the real gap year everyone deserves. Add up the socio-political issues and rising COVID-19 cases and staying sane at home suddenly requires a bigger effort.

While “no thoughts, head empty” has become our 2020 mood, what keeps us afloat are our interactions with friends and family. Yes, even choppy Zoom calls count. While we’re knee-deep in checking WFH deadlines, don’t forget to check up on friends and ourselves, too.

In case you missed it, we caught up with Scout’s own friends and family recently through our two new video series: Scout Recess and Scout Vibe Check. They’re the speedy reply to a 3 a.m. tweet. The spontaneous show-up to a much-needed call. Well, only this time we’re doing it virtually. Like a low-maintenance friend, we just want your quaranfeels in place.

Poised a la ‘90s barkada show, Scout Recess features our favorite Scout kids Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Vance Larena, Gabby Padilla, Enchong Dee and Frankie Pangilinan. From quarantine hobbies, kinda-hot takes to pop culture recs, this series lets us sit down (virtually) with our faves while on a shameless snacking sesh.

As of this writing, we’ve released only Jasmine and Frankie’s videos, so keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the gang. Scout Recess comes out Tuesdays, 3 p.m on IGTV, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to BYOB (bring your own baon).

If creative processes (and woes) are your search keywords, Scout Vibe Check is your spot. With questions on isolation, mental health and the world’s current shape, artists reveal how they keep brewing artwork during this crazy-ass time.

Prepare for some spirit-lifting VOs, subtle tutorials and an immersive tour into their sanctuaries. Creative slump can’t be helped. We all need some dose of inspo. So far, we let visual artist-slash-Scout contributor Alagadngsining—and his plant children—lead the show. Scout Vibe Check comes out every other Thursday on Scout’s platforms.

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