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This dramedy on intertwined romances streams for free on Cinema One


Heads up, cinephiles: Cinema One is adding rom-com original “Baka Siguro Yata” to its YouTube roster for a limited time this week.

For those who haven’t seen this 2015 Cinema One original, the film follows three couples with three different facets of love, taking familiar concepts of modern romance and at the same time playing around with them. Everyone thinks Carlo (Dino Pastrano) is way out of Melissa’s (Bangs Garcia) league. Carlo’s separated parents (Ricky Davao and Cherie Gil) rekindle their love behind their current partners’ backs. Melissa’s sister Myka (Hopia Legaspi) and her boyfriend Jinno (Boo Gabunada) decide whether or not to give in to the pressure of losing their virginity before their high school graduation.

The film will be available for streaming on Cinema One’s YouTube channel starting July 15, 12 noon, until July 20. Till then, you can check out other Cinema One originals available on the channel for streaming.


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Still from “Baka, Siguro, Yata”



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