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Solid Gulapanatics, the Big Papa Dante Gulapa needs our help


Since soaring to internet popularity last year with his viral eagle dance, Dante Gulapa earned numerous TV appearances, celebrity guestings and even quirky brand endorsements.

But like many who simply can’t shift to a work-from-home setup, the King Eagle isn’t flying high lately. In a Facebook post, Gulapa has asked his followers for advice in finding a job to support his family.

“Magtatanong lang po ako, baka may alam kayo pwede ko apply-an na trabaho, mga idol. Hirap ng buhay ngayon,” he shared, opening up about his employment struggles along with his business ventures that didn’t push through amid the pandemic. 

Since physical gatherings are still prohibited, Gulapa who relies on gigs and events was left with little income for months. If you want to help the guy out, he’s opened his Facebook inbox for anyone to send him leads. 

He admits he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he’s willing to do any honest work to provide for his three children.

His macho dance moves aren’t the only thing he’s known for: A lot of people have also attested that the guy is kind and down-to-earth, helping others even when he himself struggled.


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