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Treat yo self with this hyperspecific guide for your self-care needs



While some folks are long past the usual definition of self-care with beauty face masks, the road to that fabled land can still be a difficult trek worthy of a “Wizard of Oz” montage. Luckily for self-care neophytes, we’ve compiled a list of some extra™ ideas to get you going on that life-altering journey to doing nothing, no walking shoes required.

Play a few hours of Animal Crossing

animal crossing self-care games

Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels

Contrary to what your high school teacher taught you during sessions for your baby thesis topic, not all video games stimulate your raging side. Sometimes, it can be the opposite.

Case in point: simulation games. While the world may be susceptible to the changing tides, your avatar with its filled-up needs bar and perfectly planned neighborhood will still stay the same, just as long as you keep pressing “save.” For most users, games like Animal Crossing, The Sims and Minecraft offer a sense of control as well as an outlet for creativity. Studies show that certain video games can be beneficial for training cognitive and emotional skills. So, here’s your excuse: Tick some hours off playing in these pixelated worlds—it’s science, mom.

Block your 8 a.m. sched for funny subreddits

reddit self care guide

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

What’s next on your sched? Uh, comedy. Penciling in time for laughs might seem ridiculous, but take some cues from the old ways of breakfast, which came with a side of early morning comic strips. After your morning bathroom routine, starting your day off with literal LOLs may be the serotonin boost you need, whatever the source. Consider subreddits tailor-made for your oddball humor or slip in a few minutes of a Netflix standup. Might we also suggest a podcast or two?

Don’t forget your personal hygiene

self care hygiene toothbrush

Photo by Phuong Tran on Unsplash

Okay, let’s get real: While you’re indoors, you might have neglected a lil’ thing called personal hygiene (sssh, we feel you). Before you jump into your virtual island and your Reddit homepage, start with the self-care basics. Trim your nails, tidy up your bed and keep some reminders for the bare necessities: Brush your teeth on the regular and go all-in when it comes to your oral care.

And with a whole mix of dental items in your grocery aisle, having your match-made-in-toothpaste-heaven might be overwhelming to begin with. For all around self-care, the ideal dental necessity has to hit the marks on the checklist. Does it cover most bases when it comes to cavity prevention and tooth decay? Will it whisk away your morning breath for a much-needed confidence boost?

To sate your self-care and important oral needs, try out the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh. This latest fluoride gel toothpaste gives you all around oral care for all around freshness, available in Cool Mint and Soothing Menthol. It cleans deeply, busts bacteria, prevents cavities, fights plaque and refreshes your mouth—the five benefits for all around oral care that leads to truly fresh breath. Fresh breath? Dental health on point? Yep, check those off your self-care list.

The new Closeup All Around Fresh is now available in leading supermarkets and e-retailers. For more info, check out this site.

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