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Nickelodeon’s mentoring one writer and it could be you


Aspiring scriptwriters, time to sharpen your wits and turn those jokes into the sitcom of the year because the creators at Nickelodeon are looking for a writer―and it could be you.

The Nickelodeon Writing Program has called for submissions of half-hour spec scripts that demonstrate your comedic chops and storytelling skills. 

The chosen writer will be joining Nickelodeon for a six-month paid writing position, gaining first-hand advice from the brilliant minds who birthed the shows we’ve come to know and love. 

Your script neither has to be based on a Nick show nor be strictly kid-friendly, just as long as it’s on their list of accepted shows that you can find on their website. If you love shows like “Rick and Morty,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Bob’s Burgers,” you’ll be thrilled to know you don’t have to hold back on the jokes.

Just make sure to check the international tab for all the other technical details like script format, unaccepted literary works and other FAQs you may have.

The good news is that professional experience is not necessary, and you might even have an edge if you have a strong writing background. 

You must however be at least 18 years old and eligible for a J-1 visa to qualify in the program. A J-1 visa is issued to non-immigrants participating in cultural exchange programs sponsored by US institutions. 

Interested applicants must only submit one spec script from Nick’s list of acceptable shows. Prepare your resume and autobiographical summary as well before sending them over via Coverfly

You have until August 1 to submit your masterpiece. They’re only onboarding one writer for their international track, so make sure you turn in your best work. 


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