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Somewhere in Japan, ramen-flavored Pringles exists

When you find your forearm inside a Pringles can, do you pause and think to yourself, “hmm, I bet these chips will taste better if they had a hint of soy sauce”? If you’re one of the very few to ponder that, you’re in luck. Pringles has released its limited edition, ramen-flavored potato chips.

Back in 2018, the snack brand unveiled the Pringle-flavored ramen noodles, which is exactly what it sounds like—instant noodles with that distinctive sour cream taste. Now, they’re flipping it around with the Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen Pringles, potato chips simulating the famed noodles from the Kanto region of Japan.

pringles japan ramen noodles flavor

Similar to the original dish, the potato chips draw from a soy-flavored seafood dashi soup base, with hints of soy sauce and green onion. The references to the locale doesn’t stop there: The packaging also features the Tokyo skyline with popular spots like the Tokyo Skytree and Sensoji Temple jutting out.

For those in Japan, count yourselves blessed by the Pringles gods. This new flavor is exclusively sold in 1,000 vending machines across the country, including areas like malls, movie theaters and theme parks. Uh, can someone send some here, please?

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