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Mellow Fellow’s “cookie butter” is about saying goodbye to a lover

Mellow Fellow’s “cookie butter” is about saying goodbye to a lover

Internet artist Mellow Fellow just did a surprise midnight drop, and it was a perfect late night tune for some wistful longing at 1 a.m., if that’s what you were doing. The song is named “cookie butter,” and is a collaboration with bedroom-pop artist, Ruru.

The song is a plea to a lover before saying goodbye, to maybe spare a thought or two their way. The duo croons, “Yet is it too much to ask for? / A little of your time / a little thought of mine when you’re out there.” Waves of fluid synth accompany some pretty sad lyrics, and Ruru’s vocals deliver the melody with a soft power. Nothing like a Mellow Fellow track for a little melancholy.

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The artists reveal that “cookie butter” is their first collaboration. In the track’s SoundCloud post, Mellow Fellow published the lyrics along with the caption, “an old song, our first song; releasing now for the public’s ears.”

Listen to it here:

by Giselle Barrientos, Photo courtesy of @therealmellowfellow on Instagram


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