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The most Aries things Duterte said at SONA 2020

President Rodrigo Duterte: leader of the Philippine Republic, former lawyer/prosecutor of Davao City and textbook Aries.

Duterte being an Aries is already predictable to astrology aficionados. Your textbook Aries tends to be confident, courageous, frank, impatient, stubborn and short-tempered. And during his four-year run, we saw these traits in action during late-night press cons and State of the Nation Addresses. 

We’ve actually had a lot of Aries presidents in the past. Emilio Aguinaldo, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo were also born under this star sign. They are filled with confidence, uniqueness, nerve and tenacity. This makes Duterte our fourth Aries president (insert, slow confused claps here).

These days, our generation loves analyzing people through astrology. This got us thinking: What if we use astrology to understand SONA 2020 better? It doesn’t hurt to try and it’s not like we have anything to lose at this point.

Without further ado, we consulted the stars and collated the most Aries things our president said during this year’s SONA. 

“Galit talaga ako. Pinaglalaruan tayo. Don’t do this in my country or I will kill you.”

“I reiterate the safe passage of law by allowing death penalty with lethal injection. I didn’t hear much clapping, so I assume you’re not interested.” 

“If you are tired of clapping, just tell me so we can make a shortcut.”

“Let’s make sure that we do, mahirap basahin kasi dito, the most that we can.”

“Martial Law ended without abuses of the civilian sector without the military because this time I know they know how to love the country.”

“I want to call Jesus Christ to Bethlehem. [Telecommunication companies] better get that line cleared.”

“If it’s the issue of money, go and look for it. Maghanap kayo. If you’re not ready to improve, I might just as well close all of you. And we’ll revert to the line telephone.”

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