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Meet Arespear: Konami’s esports-ready PC

Whether you’re an avid or casual gamer, the name Konami is likely to ring a bell. 

Maybe you’ve battled Dracula’s hellish minions in Castlevania. Or you’re a fan of Hideo Kojima and tried every game in the Metal Gear franchise. Or perhaps you have memories of trying the Dance Dance Revolution machine in the middle of a crowded mall arcade.

Konami’s been around for a while but the gaming company is taking it further with Arespear, its own line of gaming PCs. 

The “Are” in the name stands for “Advanced Revolution of Esports.” From the trailer, we get a sneak peek of the PC’s design,with each model sporting a bulbous form.

Arespear is set to have three models in the line: 

  • The standard C300 model, which costs Y184,800 or around P86,000
  • The C700, which costs Y316,800 or around P149,000
  • The C700 Plus, which costs Y338,800 or around P159,000

Before you consider shelling out for this bad boy, make sure to check the specs first and see if this PC is worth the cost and potential waiting time: The C300 model is equipped with an Intel Core i5-9400F processor with air cooling, an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The two higher-tier models build up on those specs with additional storage and higher graphics cards.

Arespear’s set for release in September, but maybe don’t get too excited―it’s only dropping in Japan (for now), which comes as no surprise with Japan’s growing PC gaming audience. Konami’s been investing in esports lately, so who knows?


Still from the Arespear official teaser


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