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‘Pearl Next Door’ is the answer to the PH’s GL series drought


I love “Gameboys.” But as a sapphic, young adult, I love everyone’s BFF Pearl more. She kind of snuck her way into my heart. She seems like your stereotypical loudmouthed BFF but she’s more amazing and complex than that.

So when The Ideafirst Company announced Pearl’s spin-off series, I had to gag. “Pearl Next Door” is the GL series we all have been thirsty for.

“Pearl Next Door” stars “Gameboys’” Adrianna So with Iana Bernardez, Rachel Coates, Cedrick Juan and Davao Conyo himself, Phillip Hernandez. The series will chronicle Pearl’s journey of finding some true love of her own. If Cairo and Gav can do it, why not their ever-so-bubbly yet feisty third wheel?

It was a long shot that Filipinos will get some GL representation. But as The Ideafirst Company has proven, they’re giving us gays what we deserve. And what we deserve is some sweet, queer romance in our digital screens.

“Pearl Next Door” doesn’t have a set date just yet. But it’s coming to The Ideafirst Company’s YouTube channel soon.

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