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Say hello to IG Reels, Insta’s answer to TikTok

Snapchat? We don’t know her. We only know IG Stories. And if Instagram’s newest feature wants to topple TikTok, they probably could.

Instagram launched its newest feature that might be bigger than IG Stories. Everyone, meet IG Reels: the social media app’s answer to TikTok. With the famous Chinese app getting banned in India and (potentially) America, users have been keeping an eye out for replacements.

So of course, Instagram takes this opportunity to snatch their demographic. Or at the very least, try to do so.

How does IG Reels work exactly? Well, it lets users create and publish 15-second videos using new editing tools including AR effects, a countdown timer, a new align tool to line up different takes and music to dance to. These can be saved as drafts like any other IG feed post.

Once your Reel is ready, they can be placed in your IG Stories or sent as a DM to your homies. They can disappear after 24 hours. If you want to keep your Reel forever, adding a hashtag is key.

IG Reels is available in 50 countries. Sadly, the Philippines isn’t one of them just yet. Here’s to waiting for TikTok’s replacement. But who knows? Maybe it will flop and TikTok will keep doing viral dance routines to stay on top.

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