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A New Gorillaz Album Is Coming Soon

A New Gorillaz Album Is Coming Soon

Gorillaz songs are always in a weird place in my head, like their in between nostalgic memories and childhood memories and I remember some of their songs vividly that I can’t hear them without remembering those specific moments, and only those. It’s like their saves I can’t overwrite. Here are the memories I have of Gorillaz songs from the top of my head: losing my breath trying to rap along De La Soul’s verse in “Feel Good Inc.,” recognizing Bruce Willis as the guy from Die Hard in “Stylo,” shutting myself off from the world for one day while listening to nothing but “Empire Ants” on loop, and finding out what can possibly be one of my top 20 songs in the very sad “El Mañana.”

I remembered because a few days ago, the British virtual band joined Instagram. Noodle, Murdoc, 2D and Russel on social media? Sounds like a good idea. But the Instagram went on a posting spree revealing the band’s timeline.

Oh stylo. Oh Bobby.

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Their Twitter and Facebook pages have been doing the same as well, spearheaded with a little, special announcement.

Co-creators Damon Albarn (who handles the music side), and Jamie Hewlett (who handles the visuals) have previously announced that Gorillaz is making a comeback this year, and the recent social media activity might just mean the album is going to drop pretty soon. For a virtual band that uses virtual characters fronting living voices that change almost always, these returns may come easier than other projects, and with each member virtually immortal, hopefully it might mean the band can last forever. And maybe more memories can be made then.


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