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Gentle Monster’s eyewear collection is peak cyberpunk energy

Gentle Monster’s eyewear collection is peak cyberpunk energy

As someone who has spent their nights squinting at books in bad light, my 20/20 vision has long been kicked to the curb. For my fellow four-eyed peeps in constant search of cool-looking frames, Gentle Monster’s latest project might change things up—maybe for the weirder.

The South Korea-based label has recently unveiled its virtual eyewear collection titled “Redefinition of Eyewear,” a project that hopes to reinvent conventional eyewear by exploring its endless possibilities. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill, square-shaped frames here. Gentle Monster’s collection uses specific materials such as glass, obsidian, gold and flowers, while taking inspiration from robots, animals and yes, human skin.

Gentle Monster has worked with several artists such as Daisy Collingridge, Damien Blottiere, Esmay Wagemans, Ikeuchi Hiroto, James Merry, Liz Sexton, Lyle Xox and Shalva Nikvashvili. Collingridge, who created the human skin mask called “CLEM,” says that her work explores the human form and flesh with dynamism and movement. “For me, they are joyful creatures that I hope conjure both respect and wonderment for all living organisms.”


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GENTLE MONSTER ART PROJECT [REDEFINITION OF EYEWEAR] Gentle Monster presents ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’, the latest project exploring the endless possibilities of eyewear. By questioning the definition and nature of eyewear, this project hopes to break away from the conventional meaning that eyewear holds but opens up door to new ideas and concepts. ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’ presents a series of collaborations with nine global artists. ⠀ 1. <VR Goggles> by Ikeuchi Hiroto @_ikeuchi Introducing Ikeuchi Hiroto, an artist based in Tokyo who works with functional and wearable pieces. Find out more details of the art piece and an Interview with Ikeuchi Hiroto on, and experience the experimental art piece with face filter on Instagram. ⠀ 젠틀몬스터의 새로운 아트 프로젝트 ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’를 소개합니다. 아이웨어의 정의에 새롭게 접근하고 ‘디지털 아이웨어’를 통해 경험적 확장을 시도하는 본 프로젝트는, 9명의 글로벌 아티스트와의 협업을 통해 제작한 실험적 아트피스로 구성되어 있습니다. ⠀ 1. <VR Goggles> by Ikeuchi Hiroto ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’프로젝트를 알리는, 첫 번째 아티스트 Ikeuchi Hiroto의 작업을 소개합니다. 도쿄를 기반으로 활동하는 웨어러블 오브제 아티스트 Ikeuchi Hiroto가 작가 본연의 세계관을 통해 재해석 새로운 개념의 아이웨어. 작품의 디테일과 작가의 인터뷰를 gentlemonster.com에서 만나보시고, 인스타그램 필터를 통해 아트피스를 직접 착용해보세요. ⠀ #GentleMonster #RedefinitionOfEyewear #ArtProject #IkeuchiHiroto

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Tokyo-based artist Ikeuchi Hiroto, known for cyberpunk-themed creations, designed the project’s futuristic “VR Goggles.” “For this project, I wanted room to allow for diversification—to expand the options of possibilities for eyewear.”

And here’s a plus: Those interested can try it out right now via Gentle Monster’s IG story filters. Is this the future Busted and Jonas Brothers raved about? Probably.

For more info, check out Gentle Monster’s website.

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