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Who’s ready to binge ‘Bad Genius: The Series’ for free?


The 2017 film “Bad Genius” opened us to the world of Thai cinema and series. Lately, a lot have been hooked on another series from Thailand called “Girl From Nowhere.” Now, get ready to return to Thailand’s pop culture realm with a new series adaptation of a bomb-ass student heist film.

Starting this August, iFlix in cooperation with WeTV Philippines is bringing “Bad Genius: The Series” to your screens. The best part? We can stream it for free.

The series still follows a somewhat similar formula to the movie where we once again follow a group of students who make cold hard cash by helping their peers game the system. Apart from the Tarantino heist aspect, they also dwell into themes of friendship, educational systems, poverty, labor and many other truth bombs.

iFlix has the latest three episodes of “Bad Genius” on their site. Every Monday and Tuesday, they have a fresh episode in store for fans and new viewers out there.

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Still from “Bad Genius: The Series”



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