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Come on Twitch gang, it’s time to sport these LED masks

Come on Twitch gang, it’s time to sport these LED masks

It could either be a genius idea or a face hazard waiting to happen.

Japanese company Spec-Computer has a unique treat for streamers and gamers out there. They just dropped the illumi-ON “mouth cover,” an RGB LED-enabled face mask perfect for your weekly livestreams. Finally, gamers can now rage quit while keeping safe from Miss ’Rona’s wrath.

The masks come in both black and white. With LEDs woven into the sides, it illuminates and diffuses light in the front surface. It does a color cycle through seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white. Plus, users can flex various lighting patterns as well as a strobe effect.

Folks can control the lights through a small button near the side of the mask. And when the battery runs out, it is rechargeable through a USB port. It also comes with a PM 2.5 filter to keep us safe from aerosol elements that might harm our gaming experience.

Although it has this filter, Spec-Computer clarifies that this isn’t a medical-grade mask. It is really more of a mouth cover than anything.

Spec-Computer illumi-ON mask launches on Aug. 21. It’s priced around $29. You can buy it on their website or purchase it through Amazon Japan.

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