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Frontliners, Angkas wants to take care of your ride


For years, we’ve been witness to Angkas’ scarred warrior history. In 2018, we followed the ride-hailing app’s journey to legalization. Then its little bumps on the road eventually turned into big ones the year after. Two months ago, we even had to ask Angkas about its comeback. (Refresher answer: “Sa tamang panahon.”)

Despite being subject to scrutiny, Angkas remains the app we don’t deserve. Now, the transportation provider wants to take care of our hardworking frontliners.

According to Inquirer, 1,000 Angkas drivers have been tasked to ferry   Metro Manila frontliners to their workplaces and on their way home for free. This is in response to the mass transportation suspension following the recently applied MECQ protocols. 

The Free Motorcycle Ride Project for Medical Frontliners Program, which already began last weekend, is letting Angkas be the trusty service of healthcare workers near the Philippine General Hospital, San Lazaro Hospital and Ospital ng Sampaloc in Manila; East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City; and Tala Hospital in Caloocan City.



Inquirer reports that some riders are also on standby at the National Kidney Institute, Quezon City General Hospital, Lung Center of the Philippines, Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City and in Ospital ng Maynila and Fabella Hospital in Manila, following the agreement between Angkas and the Joint Task Force COVID Shield. 

This is an important initiative as discrimination towards health workers continue. Just recently, a nurse was found sitting on the sidewalk after being evicted from her boarding house, after she tested positive for COVID-19. 

To avail Angkas’ service, frontliners can sign up here. They’re also setting up terminals in hospitals, so let your admin know they can email at [email protected].

Header image courtesy of Angkas

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