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You can now stream Spotify with friends (but there’s a catch)

Physical distancing may require you to stay within a six-foot radius from anyone, but that distance is just enough for a Spotify group session.

We previously wrote about this months ago when Spotify first rolled out the beta version that allows Premium users to scan a code to share DJ privileges with someone else.

Now, Spotify has added a new feature: All you have to do is play any song, tap the “Connect” icon at the bottom-left corner of the playback screen and tap the “Start Session” button. You can then invite up to five people to join in.

The catch is, you can only play one device at a time, which also acts as the speakers for the session. You also have to be in close proximity to the people you’re inviting into the session since only one device at a time can play the audio.

It’s still in beta stage, though, so expect a little chaos: literally anyone can play, pause and change the music, even the device playing the audio. 

Maybe we can expect more features rolled out: Like playing the audio on all devices. That’d be neat. It’ll be like Netflix Party but with music and podcasts. 


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