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Hey Netflix PH, can you pick up ‘Lingua Franca’ too?

In today’s episode of I Hope Netflix Picks This Up, we’re reminded of an important tale of the trans community: Isabel Sandoval’s “Lingua Franca.”

On Aug. 27, Netflix Film’s official Twitter account announced that the 2019 drama film is already premiering on Netflix globally. Set in Brooklyn, New York, “Lingua Franca” follows a Filipina trans woman’s story arc of working as a caregiver for an old Russian Jewish grandmother—and then pursuing marriage to obtain a green card. This tale on identity and belongingness is the brainchild of Isabel Sandoval who not only directed, wrote, edited and produced this film, she also stars in it.

Though we’re glad that another LGBTQIA+ narrative is given the spotlight, we have a question: Why isn’t it streaming on Netflix PH? 

And if we’re basing local trans visibility on this restriction alone, we definitely still have a long way to go. “Showing to the world that we exist is already challenging the current structure that we faced. A structure that has already oppressed us as minorities,” content creator Gigi Esguerra told us in an interview.

Watch the trailer of “Lingua Franca” here:

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