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Here are 5 fictional food you can whip up IRL

Here are 5 fictional food you can whip up IRL

I’m just like any other fandom-obsessed child—I just happen to get hungry a lot. I’ve done my fair share of staring at the pages of “Potter” books, hoping for their grand feasts to materialize into our universe. And don’t get me started with Madam Rosmerta’s butterbeer.

This not-so-fictionalized hunger isn’t limited to the Wizarding World. Pop culture is a haven for food we wish would come into our realm, be it Krabby Patties or green eggs and ham. It ain’t easy to whip them up IRL, but fortunately, there are online recipes for that.

Got some free time for the kitchen? Check out these fictional-turned-tangible dishes that are (relatively) easy to make.

Hagrid’s cake from “Harry Potter”

Friendly giant Rubeus Hagrid’s 11th birthday cake for Harry Potter might seem unassuming, but what he lacks in baking expertise he makes up for in TLC. Does it canonically taste great? We don’t know, as they skimmed the eating part in “Sorcerer’s Stone.” Still, Potterheads can create their own appetizing rendition of the pink-and-green cake with ingredients like flour, eggs and a whole lot of buttercream frosting.

Rey’s instant bread from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

The insta-bread doesn’t really look appetizing, but it still looks cool. Rey’s Jakkunian portion bread is the space opera’s most recent iconic dish not included in the cantina menu. The galaxy far, far away’s version pops up in a matter of seconds, but Earthlings will have to settle for a mug cake recipe. Close enough?

Bob’s burgers from “Bob’s Burgers” 

Unfortunately, the Belcher family’s burger restaurant will never be part of our neighborhoods, but we can play pretend. The show’s creators have a whole book dedicated to the Belcher specialties, with one of them being the “A Good Manchego is Hard to Find” burger. 

Triple Gooberberry Sunrise from “Spongebob Squarepants the Movie” 

After shedding tears after that Goofy Goober scene in the 2004 “Spongebob” movie, fans can soothe themselves by binging an entire Triple Gooberberry Sunrise. They will need a whole tub of vanilla ice cream, bananas, cherries and M&Ms—as long as a dentist disapproves of it, they might want to toss it there.

Calcifer’s breakfast from “Howl’s Moving Castle” 

The Studio Ghibli ’verse has an overabundance of dishes we want to stuff ourselves with, and some creatives have prepped them into reality. For those who don’t regularly have bento ingredients in their kitchen cupboards, they can start with one of the easiest dishes: bacon and eggs. Recreate the “Howl’s Moving Castle’s” breakfast with strips of bacon and two sunny-side-up eggs—for an added challenge, make it homemade and cosplay like Markl, just because.

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