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If you’re looking for a sign to buy a bag this quarantine, this is it


We’ve come a long way from underestimating accessories. While they don’t need to have a price tag as massive as our government debt, these details, for the most parts, make or break ‘fits. Bags, for example, are accessories often seen as outfit extensions, so when paired correctly, elevating the entire look comes as a surprise to no one. While belt bags and tote bags are the go-to accessories now for their form and function, these bags weren’t actually the first to do so.

The baguette, a silhouette known as the original ‘It bag’ back in 1997, took the scene by storm with its versatility and has now been reimagined and reengineered by dozens, if not hundreds of brands. But if we’re gonna be ranking the best ones, Publicize’s take on the baguette deserves to be up there with the heavyweights of the fashion industry.

In case you didn’t know, Publicize is a four-year-old brand that started out as a group of curators but has since developed their own clothing brand. From there, Publicize has continuously played a big role in the progressive streetwear scene by collaborating with fellow artists to create timeless pieces while promoting a sense of community in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ society. 

In Publicize’s newest drop, their Baguette collection features an array of designs that showcase a tasteful yet balanced mix of vibrant and iconic patterns, all while carrying the original one strap silhouette, making them easy to use and love. With the price tag set at P2,500 per piece, this is a steal deal you shouldn’t pass up on. You can even score them for a discounted rate if you order before their official release on September 9. Peep the collection below:

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