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It’s time you invest in formal footwear, you sneakerhead

With hype dictating and influencing the sneaker industry (read: the latest drops), most enthusiasts gravitate towards insane reselling prices and a swift sneaker turnover. Some turn their monthly rotations into weekly sneaker slides not because they can but because they try to satisfy their urge to keep up with this lifestyle. Disappointing, but it isn’t entirely their fault. A big reason for it owes itself to the casual flexing done on social media, and boy, this makes every L taste saltier.

As more Ls are thrown around courtesy of sneaker raffles and shock-drop bots, the frustration and toxicity from sneaker shopping may be the key to opening our taste buds to something else; I mean we do have more choices. Take out your go-to choices out of the equation and you’re left with one highly convincing alternative:  formal footwear. 

For starters, black leather shoes are the safest option for anything slapped with anything but streetwear. But for some, formal footwear is seen as a collection of timeless styles that need only a few color options to leave a lasting impression, morphing into the pinnacle of footwear fashion.

Whether you’re dead set on a new pair that would add variety to your collection or just eyeing a new baby to absolutely crush your shoe game, we’ve listed some silhouettes that are worth investing in. 

Penny Loafers

Known as the counterpart of your Vans slip-ons, penny loafers feature a versatile profile, minimal colorway and easy-to-wear design that make these the perfect pair for just about anything. Some people even skate with these, so tell me how buying this pair is not a win.


The mule is probably the most unique silhouette when compared to its siblings due to its open heel design. While it may look like a sandal, the upper is often crafted with velour and leather, making it an elegant yet comfortable choice.

Chelsea Boot

Arguably one of the most popular dress shoes thanks to the Beatles, the Chelsea boot gives a sleek and slick look that gets it exactly right for either casual wear or tailored looks. The Chelsea boot also features a garterized opening, making it easier to wear. So easy that even Clone troopers wear them. Facts.


While this silhouette is more known for its sturdy, simple and well-made design, the Derbys recontextualizes comfort with an open lacing feature that molds the shoe to certain foot shapes. Stylistically, Derbys are flexible, too. So if you like them chunky, boot-like or upgraded with wingtips, Derby is the silhouette for you.

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