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Stream ‘Above The Clouds’ and ‘Sana Dati’ (for free) to know how indie cinema did That™

Stream ‘Above The Clouds’ and ‘Sana Dati’ (for free) to know how indie cinema did That™

Wait, what do you mean it’s already September? The gravity of recent events (and the constant Monday feeling) has made us think that March just happened yesterday. If you need some much-needed reset or additions to your new film log, look no further than our independent cinema’s gems.

Yesterday, Aug. 31, GMA Network added more films to its existing YouTube roster of free Filipino movies. And we spotted two of our faves: “Sana Dati” and “Above The Clouds.”

Before director Jerold Tarrog schooled us beyond our history classes with “Heneral Luna” and “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral,” he poured his heart out on romance-drama in “Sana Dati.” This film follows that interesting meetup between a woman about to get married and a mysterious man who arrives just hours before the ceremony—eventually changing the scheme of things.

Pepe Diokno’s picturesque film “Above The Clouds” is also in the lineup, telling the tale of a 15-year-old boy who goes on a hiking trip with his estranged grandfather. On a mountain above the clouds, he tries to overcome the grief of losing his parents. 

Whether they remind us of the movie dates with our friends or the film fests we used to attend (before this hellhole came), these films are definitely worth our screen time. Watch for free here.

Still from “Sana Dati”


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