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Made in Marikina is something to brag about


Footwear isn’t really universal. Unless you’re talking about an OSFA cap, but you get what I mean. Some prefer a little wiggle room, while others want it snug. To each their own, right? But there are some silhouettes that get everyone together, and one of them is the slides.

Slides are the perfect companion for any footwear enthusiast who’s looking for a stylish and simple aesthetic, all while achieving maximum comfort in one slip. Need to grab a quick bite? Floop. Need to get your food delivery? Floop. Need to flex on your salty neighbor? You know what it is. 

And while wearing them isn’t really a difficult feat, finding one that’s new to the eye is. With played-out colorways and outdated designs scattered in the market,  local brand Thy Roots is up for the challenge to reinvent the slides.

Made in Marikina is something to brag about

Thy Roots, a Marikina-made brand, reimagines the slide in a slim silhouette that is rendered in five neutral colorways that make styling them an ease. But these aren’t the only reasons they’re the talk of the town. The slides also feature a mesh-wrapped strap, foamed footbedding and rubberized sole to give this sensation of comfort, breathability and durability. Yes, it’s basically the hug that your foot needs.

Apart from its technology and aesthetics, Thy Roots uses upcycled materials to help reduce waste production one slide at a time. Comfy and conscious? I never knew I needed this kind of collab.

It’s safe to say that Thy Roots definitely lives up to the hype. With the tag hanging at P1,395 a pair, copping is surely a no-brainer.

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