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Here’s Your First Peek At Henry Cavill’s New Superman Suit

Here’s Your First Peek At Henry Cavill’s New Superman Suit

Spoiler alert for the few people in the crowd who hasn’t seen it yet: Superman dies in last March’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but because this is a comic book universe and no one stays dead, that same movie pretty much teased Clark Kent was coming back to life.

This plot point is also confirmed by the fact that Henry Cavill is part of the upcoming Justice League movie (well, really, how can he not be?). It seems as though Superman is going through a little emo phase in his life, because Cavill posted this photo of what seems to be the new Superman suit on his Instagram account:



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If you’ll look really closely, you can make out the partial outline of the Superman logo in black. If speculation is correct, Justice League may be following the Death of Superman storyline, in which the Man of Steel returns to life after being killed by Doomsday—you know, just like what happened in Batman v Superman—but as a darker version of himself.

If it’s a straight palette swap a la Spider-Man Venom symbiote, here’s an artist’s rendition of what the black suit might look like:

Not bad—looks like a modified suit he stole from Bruce Wayne. Let’s just hope the movie is even better than all the DC stuff we’ve gotten this year.

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Image from iRobathon at Deviantart



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