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These bags scream ’80s comeback

These bags scream ’80s comeback

Sometimes, we unknowingly find ourselves in that Cher Horowitz GIF where she screams “I have like nothing to wear” atop a hill of clothes. Not that we’re spoiled rotten but because we’re just indecisive. Being an achiever in the style department? A heavy crown to bear. Sorry to those dress-up flash games that raised us. 

When the going gets tough (in the closet), we rely on spontaneity—just like a Sims character. You may open your gang’s group chat to start a poll. Or maybe spin a metaphorical bottle in your head. Or just take what you can get. Though results may vary, we all know that impulse selections aren’t the best choices out there. 

Does outfit-picking sound as risky as your latest Tekken battle with the demons in your head? We see you. One of the things that can save you is a familiar staple. Maybe it’s that pile of bracelets you’re known for. Maybe a silk beret that reveals your rising sign. Maybe that tie-dye shirt that goes with literally anything. 

However, it’s extra tough when it comes to the bag game. Though it seems like an optional piece, bags can make or break a look. 

Now that we know what’s up, it’s cool that Havaianas knows it, too. Their latest collab with street-smart bag brand Eastpak—a collection of easygoing, bright Brazilian-inspired bags washed in an 80s color palette—may be the answer to every indecisive person’s daily lookbook. With Eastpak’s bomb history of crossovers with Raf Simons, Rick Owens and APC, we aren’t expecting less. 

From backpacks to fanny packs, Havaianas x Eastpak is serving their official love letter to solids. At first glance, the blues, yellows, blacks and greens look like something straight out of an 80s coming-of-age teen flick. 


Refer to 80s HS realness: washed denim jacket, team jersey, high-rise straight-leg jeans with the fanny pack slung over the shoulder. 90s louche aesthetic: corduroy jacket, rugby tee, elephant jeans with the backpack. Channel the restless energy of a young teen in the pre-aughts. 

But the hype doesn’t end with its style. If you’re down for some long-term pact, Havaianas x Eastpak bags are sure to stay with their top-notch quality and guaranteed durability. (Also, peep those fine rubberized details.)

Backpacks retail for P3,499 and belt bags for P2,299. If you’re in the mood, pair them with P799 Brasil logo flip-flops. Ready to go down the 80s rabbit hole? Pick your fave at Havaianas’ store in Bonifacio High Street or their online shop. This collection is available only in Europe and the Philippines.

Comfort zones exist in fits and that’s okay. Sometimes, spontaneity isn’t your best friend. 


Art by Yel Sayo



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