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timothy Run’s debut EP ‘Songs from the Shelf’ reinvents his old WIPs

timothy Run’s debut EP ‘Songs from the Shelf’ reinvents his old WIPs

More often than not, an artist and their work-in-progress have a volatile, love-hate relationship. While some creatives discard works of the past to weave something better, others unearth old creations to transform them into something unrecognizable—like a phoenix, if you have to be poetic about it. 

Such is the case with synth-pop artist timothy Run (one-fourth of band One Click Straight), whose debut solo EP “Songs from the Shelf” are songs once, well, shelved, but now newly minted as his latest release. The five-track collection includes pieces the musician started three years ago, as well as previously released singles like “I’m Just a Man” and “Take It or Leave It.” 

Filled with timothy Run’s trademark synths, “Songs from the Shelf” is infused with a nostalgic sound along with lyrics that speak of current woes and the artist’s vulnerable side. Its opener, “Not Jealous At All,” sets the stage for the diaristic nature of the EP, as he sings about a lingering green-eyed monster that he’s quick to deny. The track serves as an opening act to “Take It Or Leave It,” an ode to unrequited infatuations.

Further on, we’re re-introduced to “I’m Just a Man.” In a previous conversation with Scout, timothy Run reflected on the track’s simple, straight-to-the-point concept, dubbing it as a tune that revealed how “confusing” he was. The fourth track “A Bird and A Car” keeps the EP’s intimacy intact, taking the perspective of a child looking for a parent’s love and satisfaction, punctuated by lines like “I can’t be what you want me to be.”

timothy Run caps off his first solo EP with “Oh What a Wonderful Life,” which may as well be a reflection of the tumultuous past year. The song’s lines look for sunshine amid ruins, much like what the musician wishes for his listeners: “I hope these tunes give you a smile, give you a pat on the back, and make you feel like you have a new friend.”

Listen to “Songs from the Shelf” below.

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