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Next on Netflix: A Cinemalaya film that’ll mess us up

Thinking of silver linings in 2020 is hard. But for Filipino cinephiles like us, one thing we are thankful for is access to local indie films. Studios have been giving us current and future indie faves to stream in the comfort of our homes. 

Netflix’s latest gift to us is a bittersweet film from 2018. It’s a story of motherhood, sexual awakening and the unfathomable pain of distance. 

From the folks of Ideafirst, Perci Intalan’s “Distance” gives us a lot to feel and think about. Most of us might have missed this gem in the film circuit three years ago but thanks to our go-to streaming site, we can watch it and cry our eyes out whenever we want. 

“Distance” follows a mother who returns to her family after she left her family five years ago. Upon returning home, she realizes old and new wounds can’t heal so easily. It stars Filipino cinema greats Iza Calzado, Nonie Buencamino and Therese Malvar.

As for BL fans, you get to see your fave “Gameboys” bi queen Pearl (Adrianna So) before she was Pearl. It’s a film worth watching if you want to expand your Filipino indie repertoire or simply just feel an onslaught of emotions. 

Watch the trailer below:

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