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7 K-hip hop queens who can step on my face


Thanks to CL’s upcoming comeback, every OG Blackjack is crawling out of their caves and filling the 2NE1-shaped holes in their hearts.

I’m always psyched for female rappers getting the spotlight and their well-deserved space in an industry dominated by men. If you dig unapologetic female artists like CL, we gotchu: Here are eight other female baddies in K-hip hop you can check out.

(And yes, that title was intentional and I will say it with my whole chest: I am a simp for badass women and at this point I’m not even gonna deny it.)




Since her appearance on “Unpretty Rapstar,” I’ve been rooting for this queen because she keeps it real with her music. She isn’t afraid to brush off South Korea’s ridiculous standards for female artists and confidently owns that defiance (Proof? Her catchphrase, “Hey, Jessi sexy”).

My personal faves: 

  • Who Dat B,” and dedicate it to the people who let you live in their minds rent-free
  • This commercial with BTS, which NGL was pretty good, though she’s rapping about data and Wi-Fi




Check out Sohlhee if you’re looking for an artist with range: someone who can sing, rap and be a whole mood by maintaining a consistently unbothered face while dishing about ghosters and telling exes to go fuck themselves.

My personal faves:




Another “Unpretty Rapstar” alum (and winner), Cheetah’s style is the charismatic type with a bit of jazz on the side. Give her a listen if you dig chill songs with lyrics that hit you deep.

My personal faves:

  • I’ll Be There” because that cinematography is *chef’s kiss*
  • Stagger,” for those late, empty hours


Giant Pink


I came out of curiosity for her stage name and I stayed for the music. Another “Unpretty Rapstar” winner, Giant Pink’s got a flow that gets you hooked, coupled with a husky voice that’s pretty rare in K-hip hop (plus that rich lesbian CEO aesthetic).

My personal faves:



Never thought I’d live to hear the words “rock, paper, scissors” uttered with so much badassery. There’s something darker about Yezi’s solo releases compared with her verses in her old group Fiestar’s songs, and I’m here for it. 

My personal fave:




Say what you want already: “Oh, but she’s K-pop, tho.”

Fuck that. The great thing about Hyuna’s songs is she’s unapologetic about her sexuality. This type of energy is what I think adds to her appeal as an artist, and personally what I love seeing from female musicians: owning their bodies and raising that subtle middle finger to sexist ideals.

My personal faves:

  • Roll Deep,” which, I will tell you now, has always been my hoe anthem
  • Lip & Hip,” which, if I wasn’t watching the MV, I’d think was sang/rapped by two different people



There’s just something about female rappers with husky voices that just sends me straight to bisexual heaven. K-pop idol groups often have certain members assigned the rapper role, but MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is on a totally different tier, breaking gender stereotypes and confusing straight cis listeners everywhere.

My personal faves:

  • Selfish,” a collab with Red Velvet’s Seulgi
  • Her verse in “Piano Man


Stills from “Who Dat B” and “Mirror Mirror” 



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