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Your next fave quirky Filipino rom-com is coming to Netflix


Filipino rom-coms are tricky to gauge.

Although I grew up with these love teams and plots, there are times when they get cliché. Watching the same plot devices can get tiring. Oh, and don’t get me started on that inane hugot culture. 

Rom-coms are great if they bring something new to the table. Luckily for us, that’s what TBA Studios’ “Write About Love” is all about. Did we mention that one of the darlings of last year’s Metro Manila Film Fest is coming to Netflix on Sept. 25?

Crisanto Aquino’s “Write About Love” is about two creatives, a young female writer and a veteran indie director, collaborating on an unfinished love story. It tackles their different views on love, their creative backgrounds and the kinship that develops in the process. 

Cynical creative meets starry-eyed writer. Sure, it’s a cliche trope but an enjoyable one. Who doesn’t want to see how it unfolds?

This film bagged four awards in the MMFF. Although we have a weird-ass relationship with MMFF’s film choices, “Write About Love” deserved their Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Special Jury Prize and Best Screenplay wins.

Just dropping those awards casually, in case you need to justify giving this film a shot. You can watch the trailer below and see it for yourself:

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Still from “Write About Love”



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