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Our fave 2020 plot twist: ‘Chungking Express’ is getting a sequel

Everyone’s favorite auteur of loneliness Wong Kar-wai has been busy lately, working on his own cinematic universe with a film tied to two of his critically acclaimed works while brewing his debut drama series “Blossoms Shanghai.” 

And it looks like that’s not all there is to his WIPs, ‘cause even the two-part dramedy “Chungking Express” is getting a sequel.

A quick refresher: “Chungking Express” follows two Hong Kong policemen dumped by their respective girlfriends. Cop 223 tries to cope with a breakup that he thought was a joke, then becomes smitten with a drug dealer in a blonde wig. Cop 663, meanwhile, tries to get over his flight attendant ex and catches the attention of the girl working at the restaurant he frequents.

Reports from Chinese media outlets (via the r/movies subreddit) have surfaced that the China Film Administration approved its script way back in April this year. In mainland China, you can’t produce a film without an approved script.

Here’s what we know so far about this possible “Chungking Express” sequel:

  • It’s titled “Chungking Express 2020.”
  • It’s set in Chongqing but in 2036 (anyone else getting a futuristic vibe?).
  • The characters Xiaoqian and May are “unwilling to be matched with their genetically-assigned partner” (oddly specific but still adds up to the futuristic vibe).
  • Knowing Wong’s films, there’s a high chance of any of the following themes: unrequited love, intimacy, heartbreak, opening said heart up again and forging one’s destiny. 

While “Chungking Express” technically already has a sequel in the form of “Fallen Angels,” the latter was more like the third story cut off from “Chungking Express.” Even Wong Kar-wai himself said that the two should be one film.

The reports said that the film has only started pre-production, and coupled with the pandemic, it’s gonna be awhile before we see it come to our screens. If you’re just as psyched for the sequel as we are, you could check out other similar directors in the meantime.


Still from “Chungking Express”


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