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Vico Sotto really is everywhere (including TikTok)

Vico Sotto really is everywhere (including TikTok)

TikTok is hella weird. 

One day you’ll see people “helping” newbies gain 3,000 followers with rather questionable steps, the next day you’ll chance upon tasteless pranks getting a million likes. Then you’ll witness wholesome (but underrated) content, and before you know it you’re meeting Mayor Vico Sotto (@vicosottoreal)

When people say that the Pasig mayor is everywhere, do they also mean TikTok? In today’s internet discoveries, we proved that he actually is—with a blue check mark to top it off.

Before judgments (in the form of “is he really doing his job?”) pour in, let’s give the public official the benefit of the doubt. “We made this account just to report FAKE ACCOUNTS,” the bio says, making it clear that Sotto’s team put up the profile to extinguish posers on the site. 


before shower and sleep routine hehe. pag walang nang covid magpa interbarangay tayo. ##sananextyear

♬ original sound – Sir Rey Medina

Unfortunately, they still exist—even though the first video of Sotto’s verified account was posted in May. But as long as his team is doing the mobile palengke dance challenge (and Sotto himself trying to dribble a ball in shaky camera fashion), #VicoSottoPosersAreOverParty should rightfully continue. 

‘Til then, we wish his mother won’t catch him dribbling in their living room. 

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