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6 YouTube channels we reco if you’ve had it™ with “coronasomnia”

Revenge bedtime procrastination helps me cope right now. But of course, it has consequences. 

Delaying our sleeping schedule might be a form of self-care right now. A lot of us don’t have time for ourselves when the sun is up, so we become de facto vampires and night owls. It’s fine and dandy ’til sleep deprivation kicks in. 

In 2020, there is no right or wrong way to take care of ourselves, except if it’s hurting others (obviously that’s wrong). And it’s for this reason why trends like revenge bedtime procrastination or fuck-it expense are so popular right now. 

“The circumstances are such that sleep is a sentinel, a sign that things are really wrong in our country and the world,” writes Washington Post. Our daily routines have been fucked by the pandemic. Although revenge bedtime procrastination eases our minds, it also takes a toll in the long run.

So what can we do to combat this? Hmm, it’s probably time to take a deep dive into YouTube. 

This list might not amount to much. However, let’s adopt a “don’t knock it ’till you try it” attitude. From eclectic ASMRs to Melancholic Sovietwave, here are some channels you can add to your daily YouTube dive when coronasomnia kicks in.

Ephemeral Rift


Nerds, gamers and edgelords dealing with insomnia would love Ephemeral Rift. His type of ASMR is not for the faint of heart (or at least, not for anyone who doesn’t love the macabre). He doesn’t do jumpscares, but he does do videos like “The Insomnia Plague Doctor’s Sleep Remedy” or “ASMR Twin Peaks.” 

Goodnight Moon

If you’re a sapphic mess like a lot of us here in SCOUT, you’d love Goodnight Moon. Her brand of ASMR is rather unique. She delves into characters that are unexpectedly soothing. May we interest you with “ASMR Celebrity Personal Assistant” or “ASMR Evening at a 1920s Speakeasy” videos? Fair warning, queer ladies: You might fall in love with her. 

The Astral Circle


If you’re all about ascending to a new plane of existence, then this channel is for you. Their videos help beyond insomnia. They also have videos to aid viewers with lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and astral realm explorations. We don’t know if they work, but this is the perfect year to find out. 


Welcome to the genre that is Sovietwave. It’s unimportant whether you know your Russian history or not, but this channel taps into our utopian dreams of space travel and a better world. Too bad it doesn’t exist. At least, we have soothing synthpop sounds by our side.  

ALB in Whisperland

ALB is an OG YouTuber for weebs and lolita girls. Now, she’s venturing into ASMR. And she is nailing it. Her ASMR videos range from your usual tingles to niche ones like her “The Good Place” ASMR. We don’t know about you, but we would love to sleep as Janet takes us to her void. 

The Soul of Wind 

Are there any insomniac weebs or Disney fans reading this? If so, try The Soul of Wind. They collate instrumental tracks from our fave Studio Ghibli and Disney films. Since nostalgia visits us in the wee hours of the morning, let’s enable it more with these calming tracks from our childhood films.

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