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If you’re looking for online sellers to watch, Baguio’s OG streetwear sellers just made a superteam


Aside from its striking nature and cuddle-weather type beat, Baguio is home to one of the best thrifting experiences in the country. You’re literally given an array of stores that give you options that range from Japanese and American brands. Sure, we can get some Ls here and there, but there’s nothing better than copping a grail for like a quarter of its price, right?

These steal deals are game changers as some of their ‘resale’ value is really, in a way, life changing. But bagging a grail is as rare as finding the opportunity itself. I mean, reselling thrifted stuff isn’t new, but while some see it as another chance to earn a quick buck, some consider it their bread and butter.


With the reselling community becoming bigger thanks to the recent success of their online crossover, FB and IG Live have now transformed into new avenues for online sellers. Why? It’s easier to buy and sell. For sellers, time spent going live on video is directly converted into an opportunity to actually sell, which, to be fair, is very efficient. For buyers, they can easily see the details and fit of their preferred product, bypassing cumbersome questions like “ano po ung measurements?” aka every seller’s nightmare. So if you’re looking for a shop to try this whole live-selling experience, $OLID NORTH is definitely more than enough.

$OLID NORTH, which was formed in 2014, is a group consisting of Baguio’s OG online sellers. OG to the point that I even bought stuff from them in the late 2000s (Yeah, the golden times of Facebook’s tagged photos). While they are the go-to source of some of the local streetwear gods, these local curators ring some bells even to buyers and collectors outside the Philippines. They walk that walk, ma.

Aside from steal rates, what makes their live-selling worth your time is that they share fun facts about the brands and designer tingz they sell, making the long watch fun and informative to say the least. Just to be clear though, we don’t suggest just sitting back and watching because you’ll need the fastest hands and internet connection. You wouldn’t want to lose that grail in a split-second. Trust me, you really wouldn’t.

With their sessions each running for fours hours, with three to four re-lives a day, giving them a view and joining the live-selling madness is an experience worth trying, even for first timers.

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