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Yale’s free online course: How to be happy


I am not a happy person. Similar to how Wikipedia describes The Cure’s Robert Smith, I am indeed the poster child of doom and gloom. It’s not just because I’m goth garbage. I’m also susceptible to anxiety, burnout and of course, clinical depression. 

My mental health has not been the cutest in this plague. That’s why I might just be dumb enough to try Yale’s latest course: The Science of Well-Being.

Taught by Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos, The Science of Well-Being is available for free to non-Yale students. It will teach enrollees positive psychology and misconceptions about happiness. If you’re a busy burnout bee like me, don’t worry. There are no required readings and all the info you need is summarized after the lecture. 

Plus, there’s no penalty if you miss an assignment. Happiness indeed. 

“Despite being a candidate of least resistance, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed a few weeks in the course,” writes Mara Leighton of Business Insider. “It felt immediately and concretely useful — most of the class legwork is completing daily ‘rewiring’ tasks designed to build those research-backed habits into your life to make you happier after the course.”

Want to enroll in the class? Head down to Coursera and sign up for it. Their certificate fee costs P2,374.25, including all access to course materials plus graded assignments. Sadly, you won’t get a certificate if you want to enroll for free. But they do offer financial aid if you ever need it.

If you’re curious (and/or a Virgo), why not shoot your shot with this course? Who knows? Maybe this is the healthier option compared to scrolling at our TL ‘till 3 a.m.

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