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SB19’s ‘Hanggang sa Huli’ MV made me an emotional mess

SB19’s ‘Hanggang sa Huli’ MV made me an emotional mess

Have you ever been scammed by a music video? (Yes, I’m looking at you, SB19.)

The five-piece group hasn’t fallen short in bringing us instant mood lifters with their infectious melodies and memorable vocals. Thanks to them, we know exactly what P-pop in 2020 sounds like. Although “Hanggang sa Huli” holds tinges of gloom in its rhythms and verses, the recently released animated music video turned me into a complete mess.

See, “Hanggang sa Huli” starts off like your favorite slice-of-life anime—warm, fuzzy and easy to connect with. It even made me miss the quiet moments outdoors: drinking in a coffee shop and people-watching, while some foley sound of the wind occupies your headspace. It also travels back to the 2009 timeline, dropping hints that it will be nostalgic AF.

Midway, however, a dark cloud slowly started to hover above my head. Am I ready for this? Why is SB19 doing this to me? Before I could even say something (a.k.a. send a no-context tweet to hopefully feel some comfort), I was left speechless and attached that I wanted to have closure with the characters themselves. But okay, I’ll take their smiles at the end with me when I sleep tonight. 

This well-crafted story of friends and strangers tells us about the real world’s ugly truths of loss and acceptance. We can never go back to the past, but the next best thing is to be at peace with it. Look away, I’m still wiping off my tears. 

Watch “Hanggang sa Huli” here so I can finally have a crying buddy:

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Still from “Hanggang sa Huli” MV


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