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DBTK and Sesame Street just made streetwear look like child’s play

Streetwear, which falls under an industry that many associate with the term ‘forward-facing,’ has always taken inspiration from the past. We’re not talking about a ‘two to three years ago’ kind of past, we’re talking about backtracking ‘a decade or so ago’, and we can’t really blame anyone. 

The previous decades were home to experiences that made our childhood fun and memorable. It was definitely the ‘waking up early to cooked meals’ or ‘watching our favorite shows with no worry’ type of beat. And just like everything else, things were different. And fashion was no different, too.

Long before social media or streetwear or streetwear on social media existed, people flipped through magazines and turned to television to define their style. I mean, other than famous artists and the people around them, everyone else had to find their own look. This era of experimentation gave birth to a lot of our favorites like the iconic concert merch tee aesthetic and the bootleg jeans kind of vibe.

With the rise of vintage tees and aged sneakers, it’s safe to say that the streetwear community is diving head first into nostalgia. And as brands try to win us over with collaborations with some of our childhood faves, most end up looking too hard and honestly, quite a reach(Yes, I’m talking to you, Warner Bros. x Converse). As we swim across a sea of flops and disappointing slip-ups, we’re greeted by a small boat filled with success stories and boy, DBTK is right there to welcome us.

It’s recent collaboration with Sesame Street is telling. Yes, the same Sesame Street that partnered with big names like Pharell Williams, Chance the Rapper, KAWS, BAPE and XLARGE. The jam-packed lineup, which dropped on Oct. 10, is a statement: an array of graphic tees and hoodies meshed with DBTK’s vibrant visuals and iconic Sesame Streetcharacters. To make things better, we’re given pieces that flex creative color pairings done in classic silhouettes. Lime green shirt with a giant blue balloon, anyone? 

From embroidered hoodies to tie-dye Cookie Monster shirts, each piece intones nostalgia and novelty, making this collection truly one for the books. With prices ranging from P850 to P3,000, copping is the only option we see. Peep the collection below:

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