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It’s time we stopped hating on Crocs


2020 has been a downhill battle for most of us. Except for streetwear. 

Not only were we spoiled with new collections from our favorite fashion houses, we were also given a shitload of collabs. Were they memorable? Not really. But it was through some of these instances that we were able to welcome and appreciate silhouettes that we used to pass or even gag on.

Take Jordan 1 mids for example. Most streetwear enthusiasts dismiss them just because they aren’t highs (how petty, right?). But after teaming up with Blue the Great, what did they do? Yes, they lined up for it. Heck, some even paid resell for it. The same thing happened with Maison Margiela’s Tabi boot that left everyone divided, including our toes. But as soon as Reebok partnered with them, it’s like the other half never existed. And while these two designs are worthy of mentioning, we’re honestly just scratching the surface. What’s beneath the surface, you ask? Crocs. 

The brand behind the iconic clogs has been undoubtedly under fire for the past decade. Sure, people wear them but Crocs hasn’t been associated with the word “stylish.” Unlike dad shoes that grew in popularity thanks to their bulky and somewhat “ugly” aesthetic, Crocs received the opposite treatment. 

From countless memes about funny tan marks to descriptions of a less attractive older sibling of the Yeezy slides, clog enthusiasts took the flame like champs. And now that we’re a few months away from 2021, people seem to be reconsidering these familiar footwear.

After flexing their collaborations with brands like Chinatown Market, Takashi Murakami, Grateful Dead, Post Malone, Nike and Justin Bieber, people are starting to ease up on the hate and are welcoming these eye-catching ugliness into their rotation. Is it all because of these big brand partnerships? We don’t know. Is it because they are so ugly they look cool? Maybe. One thing is for sure though, with comfort being one of the priorities for our feet these days, Crocs is actually up there with the greats. They’re easy to wear and style. What more can we ask for?

And with price tags on these going for around P3,500, which is half off a regular sneaker, these comfy clogs offer a bang for your buck. While there will be people who will laugh at whatever pair we wear, what matters is that we like how we look and feel. We’re not saying Crocs are perfect, but they just might be for you.

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