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We’re fallin’, fallin’ for Nadine Lustre all over again in ‘Wildest Dreams’

We’re fallin’, fallin’ for Nadine Lustre all over again in ‘Wildest Dreams’

It’s finally here—Nadine Lustre’s single “Wildest Dreams” just dropped and it’s even better than we expected from the hype.

We’ve been getting a taste of a different Nadine sound since Careless’ mixtape, but this song shows how far she’s capable of taking her music. In “Wildest Dreams,” Nadine is like a nature goddess serenading us with her sultry voice, welcoming us into her earthly domain. 

It’s a relaxing track to listen to with a smooth beat blending pop and R&B, which melds well with the equally serene visuals. Oh, and fun fact: The lotus flower is associated with many spiritual concepts, including purity, enlightenment and, interestingly, rebirth. 

Could this be a nod to Nadine owning her brand? Who knows. 

James is right. Ascension really is starting ’cause this song’s taking us high (and warming us up for future comebacks like this). Is an MV dropping soon? Fingers crossed. In the meantime, go and stream “Wildest Dreams.”


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