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The OG ‘Meteor Garden’ F4 is having a reunion and I’m losing it

The OG ‘Meteor Garden’ F4 is having a reunion and I’m losing it

This is the day the Lord has made for “Meteor Garden” fans. Shoutout to those who watched the OG Taiwanese version in 2001—your sacrifices of speeding on the way home just to catch its free TV run was worth it. 

We had to blink thrice to see if it’s real, but here it goes: Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si), Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei), Vaness Wu (Mei Zuo) and Ken Chou (Xi Men) of F4 are coming together onscreen again. Finally, this isn’t your imagination playing tricks on you while listening to the theme song “Qing Fei De Yi” anymore. 

On its Weibo account, Jiangsu TV revealed that the iconic boy group will be reuniting at the “1,001 Festival” on Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. They previously reunited in 2013 for another event on Jiangsu TV. 

Comebacks of our faves—no matter how quick—have been keeping us sane this quarantine and we’re more than pleased to take this one. Now, let me just whip out that “Meteor Garden” poster from two decades ago.

There’s no confirmation yet on whether this will be streamed on Jiangsu TV’s YouTube channel or elsewhere. In the meantime, check out their invite here: 

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