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Party like it’s 2020 with our certified™ kit for virtual hangouts

Party like it’s 2020 with our certified™ kit for virtual hangouts


Here at Scout, we party wisely. And like an old-fashioned sci-fi movie, fun isn’t limited to one physical space—sometimes, all we need is humankind’s futuristic tech, tossed in with the same spirit of the roaring ’20s. To throw a virtual get-together that’ll make the ghost of Gatsby proud, just log into your conference app of choice (holograms optional). The rest of the ingredients? Well, it’s all here.

A dash of virtual movie marathons

We might not have the full-fledged exposure to cold indoor cinemas and popcorn-scented halls, but we make do, thanks to our mini-movie houses a.k.a. our devices. Third-party developers have cooked up ways to recapture the communal movie-going experience, so cinephiles won’t have to miss their friends’ riveting commentary or their obnoxious laughter. Several Google Chrome add-ons let viewers stream films and series simultaneously with other guests, including a voice chat feature. And if anyone needs a bathroom break, well, it can be paused for everyone, too. Spoilers, be gone.

A pinch of multiplayer games

For the certified members of the No Console club, multiplayer games can be the bane of their quarantined existence. Thanks to the gaming gods and some nifty sites, virtual game night can be salvaged with accessible co-ops and more. Want to play Pictionary? There’s Skrribl for that. Fancy a nerd-out? Online D&D, everyone. Hoping to become a masterful liar unsuspecting friends will fall prey to? Uh, here, have Werewolf. Fair warning: Expect some friendly competition and bouts of rage quits.

A pint of karaoke (or maybe more)

If your tita didn’t belt out an ’80s power ballad during karaoke, was it even a party in the first place? The philosophical question of our time is still pretty valid, just add Zoom in the mix. Like watch parties, karaoke nights are taking up the digital space with some good ol’ screen share. With a list of tracks in the arsenal, plug in a Watch2Gether link on a browser and flip through the many, many minus one tracks YouTube has to offer—yes, including the random videoke montages. Will there be a dubious scoring system? Nothing automated, but that’s what friends are for (cue Tita’s singing).

Mix ’em and prep it like an IRL party (yes, with cakes, too)

Max out the full partying potential, even if it’s just on that one corner of the room. We’re talking balloons, streamers and the rest of the birthday party staples (or unbirthday, we ain’t judging). For those who still can’t catch my drift, I’m thinking of that much-needed cake.

Go in the “mukbang, but make it birthday” direction by ordering a festive necessity: Goldilocks greeting cakes. Available in four different designs—Celebrate, Unicorn, Balloons and the new Pastel Blooms, virtual hosts can go all out without actually having to step outside. Also, their cakes are now with filling. Party hosts can choose among cake sizes—9” Round for P340, 8×12 for P520 to P540, or 12×12 for P720. These are Metro Manila prices, so prices may vary.

happiest birthday youre the best cake

Plus points: Hosts and guests can share some of the fun. Goldilocks offers takeout and delivery via hotline 888-1-999 or online at Yep, we’re ready to party like it’s 2020.

Art by Yel Sayo


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