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IDK if Jungkook really read this, but I need this self-help book too

IDK if Jungkook really read this, but I need this self-help book too

As struggling twentysomethings, the Scout team are loyalists of self-help books. We might have overcome the wrath of our algebra classes, but nothing’s more terrifying than plunging into adulthood. Who says we should’ve figured out life by now? Sorry, that’s total B.S.

If you’re scouring for self-love during these dark times, we have a popular recommendation from everyone’s popular recommendation. ARMYs—or BTS stans—have opened their online shopping apps to buy and read “I Decided to Live as Myself” / “I Decided to Live as Me,” penned by writer Soo Hyun Kim. Everyone’s pointing fingers at Jeon Jungkook. 

A video clip showing Jungkook with the self-help book has been dominating stan accounts recently after an episode of “BTS Bon Voyage,” a reality travel show with BTS, aired. According to online shop Apopbooks, “I Decided to Live as Me” is packed with illustrated essays on finding our self-worth, claiming our identity and dealing with the hardships of adulthood while staying true to ourselves. 

As of writing, the book has already sold more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide. Here’s the thing: I don’t know if Jungkook really read this, but I think I need this self-help book, too.

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