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Thank God, there’s a way to earn money by binging animes


If binging and ranting about anime is for you, we might have found the perfect job. 

Anime website Ani Radio Plus is looking for judgmental weebs to make a living out of their 2D-based feelings. Although this isn’t a full-time job, there will be perks such as unlimited access to streaming sites like Netflix and Crunchyroll as well as cash incentives. Interested applicants can also rep Ani Radio Plus in future events. 

To apply, you must be proficient in English, have lots of opinions and emotions about Japanese media and no bias with which anime you stan. They’re basically looking for a young freelance anime critic eager to churn content about what they’re passionate about. Plus, this job is applicable to any nationality or gender, 16-year-olds and above. 

So if you have a lot of feels on why “Food Wars” is beyond its ecchi or why “Cardcaptor Sakura” is important to our zeitgeist, feel free to apply for this unique freelance job opportunity. Who knows? This might be the origin story of your anime critic journey.

Check the deets here.

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