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LONER’s new MV is about the gigs and parties we lost to 2020

Nightlife during our plague year took a pause.

But it didn’t only screech to a halt, it also took youth and queer spaces with it. We’ve been mourning in silence for dive bars and LGBTQ+ inclusive places around the metro for months. And since we can’t grieve for them properly, we take on virtual zoom parties and livestreamed DJ sets instead. 

Still, it’s not the same—and local producer Loner knows that. 

Just like Crwn’s recent release, Loner’s latest music video “Pagbabago” is a visual diary of all the nights we spent in spaces dedicated to youth culture. A supercut of late night memories serves as the backdrop of his newest dance anthem in this lonely time. Viewers will get a glimpse of happy faces dancing in spaces like Boogie MNL or Escolta Block Party.

The track is neither nostalgic nor optimistic. In “Pagbabago,” he highlights how everyone changes, not just the world as a whole. The hook of his track echoes “the truth is in the streets.” And he’s right. 

Partying and gig life are such huge parts of youth culture. No, we’re not talking about expensive clubs where a patron needs to book a seat to get in. We’re talking about small bars, block parties and all of these inclusive spaces that welcome anyone who wants to have a good time. 

Nobody knows if 2021 will give us these spaces back. Will we meet friends again? Unearth undiscovered gems behind a DJ deck? We hope so. 

Everything is changing. Youth culture is changing. In Loner’s “Pagbabago,” he embodies this collective train of thought through a well-produced earworm.

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Still from Loner’s “Pagbabago” MV


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