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The (not-so)ugly truth about being single on Valentines

Unpopular opinion but Valentine’s Day is the best time to be single. Single—but not lonely—which means pretty much doing whatever you want with zero consequences.


A lot of people see Feb. 14 as “Single’s Awareness Day.” It’s usually partnered with awkward laughter and knowing nods. But having a day to celebrate singlehood isn’t actually that bad. All these supposed “sad facts” about singlehood are curbed by some pretty sweet perks. 

  1. You’re not obligated to make “special plans”

Who has time to buy a crate bouquet and bury a self-curated mixtape hidden under the blooms? Not us. No need to plan a week ahead and pressure yourself to do anything special. Because let’s be real, unless you have double Virgo energy possessing you to plan everything in a non-stressful way, you are going to cram. And it will be expensive. #BalikIpon2020

  1. You have an entire day to treat yourself

You wake up, no texts, no calls. A few messages online but nothing as special as what the other lovey-dovey couples are doing. You feel your singlehood echoing in the silence, or something dramatic to that effect.

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That bothersome thought aside though, it should dawn on you: No relationship, no responsibilities. Want to go buy tickets to a last-minute event? No need to defend yourself or deal with your partner making snide comments about you prioritizing anything other than a night of romance.

  1. You remember how relationships can go pretty stale

Feel relieved knowing that aside from missing the cute texts and lil romantic moments, you also don’t have to deal with the crushing chest pain of a bad fight. The only thing stopping you from sitting in a bathtub full of detox mud or going scuba diving out of town is a debit card swipe.

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Remember how your old flame flitted away today, and on Valentines nonetheless? No, you don’t, because that’s a problem single people don’t have to deal with. Bok bok, sucka. 

  1. Your single friends are ready to do just about anything

Clink, clink singles. Have a nice cold beer over a long night out. There is nothing quite as liberating as being a free spirit on a pub crawl. Today, your coupled friends don’t exist. Third-wheeling on Valentines? Sorry but you out here thriving. Take the #PangakoSanMiguelBeer pledge and go bop to the sound of your own slightly intoxicated drums.

Highkey crazy friends and buying a round of San Miguel Flavored Beer make for a pretty good company this Valentine’s so marked your calendars and get ready to celebrate your freedom.


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