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10 thoughts while watching the teaser of this bloody Korean thriller

10 thoughts while watching the teaser of this bloody Korean thriller

Touchdown isolated location of nail-biting ghouls. You’re right—Korean thriller buffs are getting on the good side of streaming gods. After “Alive,” Netflix is dropping a new Korean series that’s dosed with blood and all things adrenaline: “Sweet Home.”

Look, before you laugh, know that it’s not as “harmless” as the name suggests. Directed by Lee Eung-Bok, this 10-episode series follows Cha Hyeon-Su, an orphaned high school student who fights off a mysterious entity that trespasses into his apartment complex. 

What’s up with this creature? Apparently, it transforms residents into monsters that reflect their internal desires. Uh, the last thing we want is to get exposed by a supernatural stranger. 

I’m not exactly the brightest kid in the Asian thriller department, but “Sweet Home”’s one-minute teaser had me thinking. Before it officially drops on Dec. 18, you might want to hear me out.

  • An RPG-like POV is my favorite POV. The tension between me and whipping out a metaphorical weapon is too strong. 
  • I suddenly miss arcades and hiding in those curtained game machines with my friends when all you have to do is shoot enemies and scream.
  • Rhetorical question but… what’s with apartments? 
  • Song Kang owning the mysterious poster boy label? I wouldn’t object. He’s a mystery to crack even in “Love Alarm.”
  • Cha Hyeon-Su living on his own in high school and living with monsters is a different kind of independence.
  • I’m honestly not ready for a lurch in my K-Drama streak right now but go on and convince me.
  • With this VFX/SFX, I just want to whip out a weapon.
  • Being based on a (really good!) webtoon of the same name, I sincerely wish this show gives some fucking justice.
  • You know what deserves a chef’s kiss? This being a series premium on VFX/SFX.
  • A villain’s POV is my favorite POV. I’ve always wanted to know how to be likeable despite the unlikeability. Here for the experience. 

Still from “Sweet Home”



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