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‘Black Mirror’ creator makes a film on how shitty 2020 really is


The world as we know it now couldn’t be less strange than a Black Mirror episode.

“Nosedive,” for example, eerily depicts our obsession with social media engagement. And though another dystopian flick won’t really be palatable in our seemingly bleak world, “Black Mirror” producer Charlie Brooker has something up for fans.

Brooker’s new project isn’t the latest “Black Mirror” season. Rather, it’s a mockumentary about 2020 set in 2020. The thin line between reality and speculation just got thinner. Whether it’s about the pile of problems the planet is facing or our very disillusioned selves confronting society, the show is worth meeting head-on all our angst and anxieties about the present.

This info is all thanks to Hugh Grant, star of the upcoming show and OG soft boi of ’90s rom-coms, who teased the internet about the upcoming project in his Vulture interview.  

“It’s for Netflix, and I am a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually! And you’ll like my wig,” says Grant.

While the world can be numbing, at least the show could nudge us into feeling again, right?

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